The Chanel Exhibition

Yesterday I went to Mademoiselle Chanel Prive exhibition at the Saathci Gallery in London. You enter the exhibition through a wild garden of beautiful flowers and shrubs, which perfectly sets the tone. Inside you get a real feel for Chanel both as a woman and a meticulous designer. A recreation of her wonderfully stylish apartment dressed with the carefully chosen objects with which she surrounded herself, offers a fascinating insight to her aesthetic. It still is as fresh and modern as when she created it. For me the best part of the exhibition is a film that dramatises Chanel coming face to face with Karl Largerfield, and their conflicting vision of how they both see the Chanel brand.

I also loved the amazing room dedicated to her first perfume Chanel No.5 which is a sensual experience no to be missed.

The exhibition runs until 4th November and is really is worth a visit.

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