The Colour Red?


Autumn is here and looking back at last year’s colours it seems as though we are still infatuated with red. Tones of warm reds from russet through burgundy, with the contrasting and complimentary hues of ochre and browns – all great leather colours. Porter magazine shows the continuation of these colours but with a lot more individuality, playing with textures and finishes. This season there is a real mix of nostalgic ideas from the seventies and eighties – town versus heritage country looks, details with tassels and fringing. Without thinking about what you your bag is saying, is this a road sign to the future?

Red is a classic colour especially the warmer brick and burgundy tones but what will happen next winter? Apart from all the warmth and nostalgia, could this be the perfect foil for the darker sombre shadows of winter?

The Colours of Autumn



Autumn is now here and the shops are emphasising  the rich deep tones of claret to warm madder and red.

These colours are seen in handbags  from the luxury brands through to high street stores – mainly because red is a great colour and sells well.  But what makes this season different is that they are promoting more than one shade, showing real confidence with this colour range .