Course Handbag design is one of the most vibrant and exciting areas of the fashion industry, but it is also one of the least understood. Successful design has to marry vision and originality, with a whole raft of practical skills. My courses, Introduction To Handbag Design, and Advanced Handbag Design, are intended to help would-be designers and those already embarked on small scale production, to develop a clear understanding of the complex processes involved in bringing a brand successfully to market.

Introduction To Handbag Design

This course is designed to show you what’s involved, creatively and practically, in producing a range of bags.  On it you will learn about focusing your inspiration through a clear understanding of trend, developing your own mood boards, researching your customers, material selection, producing design models, refining your vision, talking to samplers and preparing your range for manufacture.

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 Handbag Intensive Design

Following on from Introduction To Handbag Design, you’ll be given a variety of projects involving designing bags for different lifestyles and occasions. You will start by looking at different trends and how to interpret them going forward. You’ll investigate advanced shapes, styles and construction and focus on matching these to the target customer and market. The course also involves working on your own design boards and completing your design range with a 3D bag mock-ups. We will also cover brand development, range planning and business planning.

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Made in Italy

An intensive five day course, based in Italy, on the development and the production of handbags. Located in the Veneto region of Northern Italy, the industrial heartland of luxury fashion, this course gives participants a unique insight into the whole manufacturing process. During the week we visit companies working with the world’s leading luxury brands and follow handbag development from raw materials, through to sampling and manufacture.

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