Velvet Crush for Autumn

velvetsVelvet’s in all forms from quilted, to embossed and adorned, is one of the key fabrics for the season. Picking up on a mix of fabric influences from the eighties, the bags range from the obvious evening and occasion pieces to the everyday functional. Many have a contrasting trims, which range from exotic prints to patents.
Velvet is such a luxurious fabric, but there is several reasons why bags aren’t generally made of this material. As with any fabric with a pile, you can get serious shading issues. It is also easy to crush and mark while in manufacture. Exposure to rain leaves a mineral deposit that has to be removed as soon as possible. If you find yourself caught without an umbrella and your bag gets drenched, blot it dry using an absorbent towel. If you find your bag stains, try steaming carefully but not directly on the fabric, pat dry with a cloth and finish with a soft brush.